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Our Search Consultants have enjoyed great success serving client companies in several sectors of the power and energy industries. We are experienced in the mid-stream and downstream components of the petrochemical industry and with multiple aspects of conventional power generation and transmission operations. We have added and are significantly expanding our presence in the renewable energy sector, with particular emphasis on wind power generation and bio-fuels. Our focus is on finding and recruiting key executive, managerial and operational talent who will maintain and improve our existing power and energy infrastructure, along with those who will pioneer the development of renewable power resources and fulfillment of our nation's future energy needs.

We have been successful in recruiting top talent professionals and impact players in executive management, business development, project management and design, and construction disciplines within these dynamic energy sectors, and are dedicated to playing a key role in simultaneously servicing the existing power and energy sectors while identifying new players and transitioning seasoned professionals into the exciting new energy economy of the 21st century and beyond.

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